Now Taking Orders For January/February 2024

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What is the Cost?

Meat is sold based on the hanging weight at $6.75/lb (+processing fee)

Hanging weight is determined when animal is brought in to be processed

Non-refundable deposit required
amount determined by order quantity

The balance is due at the time of meat delivery

*Price is subject to change without notice due to increased costs

How Much do I Order?





*1/2 can generally feed a family of 4-6 for up to 12 months

What do I order?

Each order is specialized to fit your needs

Tell us about your family's eating habits and we will walk you through a customized order

Orders will generally be broken into different portions of ground beef, steaks, roasts, briskets, etc.

Check out our JCross Cut Order Fact Sheet below for detailed information on how/what to order.

*bones and organs available upon request



Eighth: $300 - $500

Quarter: $700 - $900

Half: $1,300 - $1,700

Whole: up to $3,200

*Based on 2023 prices/these amounts are averages and based on animal weight.

Prices are subject to change


Eighth: $200

Quarter: $200

Half: $400

Whole: $800

Health Benefits

Full of protein, iron, amino acids, and vitamins
Essential nutrients without the added hormones, preservatives, and steroids that come with commercial beef
Cornerstone for building a strong and muscular body
Fuel for healthy & active lifestyle
Strengthens immune system
Optimal choice for all ages

Order and Pay

Give us a call or send us an email for more information and to place an order. Limited supply available so don't wait! Don't miss your chance to purchase premier Oklahoma grassfed natural beef!


Kyle and Tami Tulsa, OK

The health benefits are why we come to JCross. Tami had physical issues that improved INCREDIBLY after we started buying this grass fed beef. The change was amazing! The other reason we buy is you can taste the difference! We will never go back to the grocery store for our beef!”

Joel Attorney, Tulsa, OK

“Our family loves the beef we buy from the JCross Ranch. The meat is tender, tasty, and of the highest quality. You can taste the difference. From the steaks, roasts, stew meat, and ground beef we haven’t had any cuts we were disappointed with. I would recommend JCross Natural Beef to anyone and everyone.”

Randy Phillips & Associates CRE, Inc Tulsa OK

“JCross Ranch south of Tulsa offers some of the best-tasting beef you will ever taste!”