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Keeping up with JCross Oklahoma Natural Beef is no easy task. Every season is a busy season for ranchers. But spring is probably one of the busiest. It takes time, effort, and determination. There are many different aspects to a spring season that ranchers have to go through to make sure that their entire herd is happy and healthy.


Babies babies babies. Many ranchers plan their momma cows to have babies near the spring time. https://www.noble.org/news/publications/ag-news-and-views/2003/june/ranchers-can-manage-calving-seasons/  This eliminates the chance of having new calves in the winter when weather conditions can be harsh. Spring is a time for new things to grow including baby calves! At JCross Oklahoma Natural Beef we check on our cows every day hoping to see new baby calves out in the field. A sign that a momma cow is about to have her baby is that she separates herself from the rest of the herd. Cows like to go off on their own when they are about to have a baby. This serves as a clue for us to give special attention to this cow during her birth making sure that she has sufficient help if she needs it.


Each cow is important and serves an integral part of the ranching system. It is very important that every cow gets the attention that it needs. Some need more than others. Heifers (a first time momma cow) need to be watched more closely when it’s their time to give birth than experienced mothers. Most of the time things go smoothly but you never know when problems might arise. It pays to pay attention and be prepared. One little mistake could have serious consequences.

Special Attention

Every cow needs some special attention in the spring. For many ranchers the spring is the time for their herd’s annual check up. This can be a huge and daunting task especially if you are running a huge herd. It can take a lot of manpower (and womanpower) to gather or separate the herd where you need them to be. Equipment is key. You need the right supplies and facilities to do the job efficiently. Each cow needs to be given their annual shots and check ups. https://www.drovers.com/article/herd-health-vaccinations-cow-calf-operation This is also the opportunity to replace any ear tags that have been torn off. For babies this is opportunity to tag them for the first time, and castrate/band those that need it. This is a big task and it can take many days to get through the entire herd.

Follow Up

Now that the whole herd has had their check up you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the summer. JK! Because there is always something for a rancher to do… Now is the time to change pastures and separate the herd as desired. JCross Ranch does more than supply the Oklahoma area with JCross Oklahoma Natural Beef. https://jcrossnaturalbeef.com/natural-beef/ Beef is only the end product. It is a long process and takes a lot of work to get to the end product. You must be skilled in care and not afraid of hard work. Ranchers are some of the most diligent and hard working people you will ever find, and they have your back when you are in need.


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